Kelvin Grove Primary School


Kelvin Grove
Primary School

YR2 Kew Gardens, Jan 2018

YR4 Horniman letter, Dec 2017

JADE class museum letter, Dec 2017

YR6 Mr History letter, Dec 2017

YRs 5/6 Football at Haseltine, Dec 2017

YR3 Museum letter, Dec 2017

Rainbow INSET Day, Dec 2017

YR3 Multi Skills event, Dec 2017

YR5/6 Football at Haseltine, Nov 2017

YR2 to the Transport Museum, Nov 2017

Reception to the cinema, Nov 2017

Explore Learning maths, Nov 2017

YR6 Fire Station, Nov 2017

Reception Dainty Sue visit, Nov 2017

Football league, Nov 2017

Basketball report, Nov 2017

Christmas Choir letter, Nov 2017

Betty Bus visit, Nov 2017

Reception phonics workshop, Nov 2017

Young Mayors trip, Nov 2017

Garden clean up letter, Nov 2017

Reception flu jab letter, Nov 2017

YR5 & 6 Young Mathematician's Award letter, Nov 2017

YR6 basket ball competition, Nov 2017

YR4 Horniman Museum letter, Nov 2017

Rainbow parents evening, Oct 2017

Football letter, 16 Oct 2017

Parents' Evening letter, Oct 2017

Parent Governor Election, voting information, Oct 2017

YR5 Greek day letter, Oct 17

Football Festival letter, Oct 17

Nethercott Farm school journey letter, March 2017

Local Authority SEN OFSTED letter, Oct 17

YR2 to Wells Park, Oct 17

Athletics newsletter, Sept 17

Football tournament letter, Sept 17

Gardening Club flyer, Sept 17

Parent governor election letter, Sept 17

PTA, estate agent boards, Sept 17

YR5, sports hall athletics, Sept 17

YR4, fife club, Sept 17

YR6, residential trip to France 2, Sept 17

YR6, residential trip to France 1, Sept 17

YR6, secondary transfer workshops, Sept 17

School Inspections, A Guide for Parents

Letter to parents from Ofsted, Sept 17

YR4, Imperial War Museum, Sept 17

YR6, secondary transfer, Sept 17

YR2, vision and hearing, Sept 17

YR5, Crew drama visit, Sept 17

YR5, walking home, Sept 17

Letter from Lewisham

Parents' Evening Online Booking GUIDE

HEALTH - Head lice

HEALTH - Chicken Pox

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