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English, Communication and Languages

English is at the heart of the curriculum and the development of language is crucial for children to become successful learners.

At Kelvin Grove, our aim is for all children to be able to speak clearly, listen with understanding, develop a love of reading and write with confidence. These skills are taught explicitly during daily English lessons and guided reading sessions and implicitly through the rest of the curriculum.

Teachers follow the New Primary National Curriculum for planning and teaching English. Fiction, non-fiction and poetry are taught through units of work lasting between 1 and 4 weeks to develop understanding and expertise at writing for a range of purposes and audiences. Units are planned around quality children’s literature and children’s cross-curricular experiences. Through these high quality texts, pupils are shown how a writer uses his / her craft for different effects. They are given the opportunity to develop and experiment with grammatical structures to create particular impact upon their reader and they are guided through creating their own written ‘expert’ pieces.  Storytelling, drama and the use of ICT are crucial to developing a child’s voice as a writer.

At Kelvin Grove, we value the joy of reading aloud. Across the school, teachers are committed to reading to their class every day. Reading sessions take place outside of English lessons either as group (guided) reading sessions or on an individual basis. All children read to an adult at least once a week. Reading sessions are a valuable opportunity to promote reading for pleasure, engage in in-depth book talk and develop critical comprehension skills.

English is taught in classes across the school and support is provided where required through regular intervention.  Children’s achievements in reading and writing are assessed and monitored closely throughout the year and levels are reported at the end of each key stage. In key stage 2, children with special educational needs in English are targeted and supported through small group teaching.

Reading together is the most important thing you can do to help your child succeed. It is expected that children at Kelvin Grove will read with, or to, an adult at least 4 times a week outside of school. Reading together will be monitored by your child's teacher and regular readers will be rewarded.

We celebrate ‘World Book Day’ each year and hold regular ‘reading challenges’. Children who are seen to promote reading are nominated as ‘reading champions’. Classes regularly visit Forest Hill library.

Modern Foreign Languages

At Kelvin Grove, we acknowledge the importance of ‘languages for life’. We teach French as a modern foreign language from nursery to year 6.

We offer classroom French lessons for all children in key stage 2 consistently throughout the year. These children are introduced to topics such as greetings, French at home and school, simple conversations, animals and life in France. We aim to foster an interest in learning other languages and to lay the foundations for future study.

In key stage 1, children are also exposed to French at an introductory level, participating in language activities involving colours, parts of the body, animals and simple greetings. We want children to learn languages in a way that is fun and involved in other curriculum subjects. We also recognise the importance of foreign languages within the foundation stage and therefore these children have the opportunity to participate in French through simple rhymes, songs and games.

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