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We have recently set up a school PTA.  You can view our most recent minutes below.  The committee members are as follows:

Chair - Alexandra Bourdelon

Chair - Julia Murray

Vice Chair - Jane Ferguson

Secretary - Shakera Rahman

Treasurer - TBC

Committee Members

Ahmed Lissan, Federica Romeo BeattieRachael Oldfield, Zleukov IyoraPreethi Krishnan, Melvyn JacobVicki Hillman, Berina KaurEleanor Fairford, Frances DowneyFaye Barker, Kay FoxMilena Ibrahimi, Ieva BouazizAnn Dolerius, Jo ChippingSara Hurst, Mary SolomansOlaide Adeyemi, AnitaUzezi-DanielChristiana Wiafe, Edward KamaraSalima Mokhtari, Eva TaitLorysa Gharbari.

Friends of Kelvin Grove Minutes

Friday 26th February 2016


The Kelvin Grove summer fair beach party was a great success. Not only did everyone have a great time but mother nature was on our side with the rain stopping for just long enough for us to party with the sunshine beaming down on us. Incredible! To top it all off we cleared an AMAZING profit of £3,397.51. We may increase our profit with more match funding we are waiting on!

Now that we have raised this fantastic amount of money, where are we going to spend it? The school have long wanted staging equipment, allowing the children to put on more shows and events, so this is going to be one of the big purchases. The PTA will donate £1,000 towards this and the remaining costs for the staging equipment will be donated by the school and by Mr Mathieson, who is kindly donating  money to the school as a parting gift.  Secondly, a set amount of money will be given to each year group towards age appropriate activities to be used during golden time. Lastly, we will spend money on playground equipment around the school from the nursery to the Paxton playground, where ever it is most needed.

This fair couldn’t have been possible without so many people’s help and it shows what we can collectively achieve when we work together in the interests of the school and our children. More important than the money raised is the fun and the smiles on the day and the pictures show this!
This being our first event, we learnt lots along the way and we will certainly keep in mind for future events. If you have anything to say about the fair; good, bad or ugly or if you feel we can benefit from your expertise in events organising and promotion please do not hesitate to contact us via email or come find us for a chat.  (

We look forward to meeting lots of new parents in September and organising our next series of fabulous events. 

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