Kelvin Grove Primary School


Kelvin Grove
Primary School

Keeping You Informed

We try to give parents and carers as much information as possible about the school and your child’s progress.

We do this through:
  • regularly updating the school website (www.kelvin, which contains information on latest news, dates, letters and curriculum information;
  • newsletters giving important information and details of events and activities are sent out every two weeks;
  • teachers’ letters giving class topics and homework information;
  • our texting service – sending regular messages to your mobile phone;
  • the planner, provided for all children, gives key dates and events and can be used as a simple communica- tion diary between home and school;
  • parents evenings – one informal meeting at the start of the year and formal meetings in November and July. An end of year report is written in July, summarising your child’s progress during the year;
  • informal meetings with your child’s teacher at the start or end of the day;
  • informal meetings with the Headteacher or Deputy Headteachers in the playground before school
  • special assemblies, eg star awards – given for good behaviour;
  • special events, e.g. class trips, sports
  • day, international food fayre. Most of these events are in the planner;
  • family learning classes.
Answering Your Concerns

It is important to answer any problems and concerns as quickly as possible. Normally, this will be done by talking to your child’s teacher or teaching assistant. Sometimes you will need to speak to one of the senior managers.

This can be done by calling into the office before school or by telephoning to make an appointment. We aim to resolve matters quickly and efficiently. If this does not happen to your satisfaction you may wish to make a complaint. The school’s procedure can be collected from the office.

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