Kelvin Grove Primary School


Kelvin Grove
Primary School


“Every child has the right to learn and every teacher has the right to teach, in a safe, caring and structured environment.”

At Kelvin Grove, we work as a team to follow a common framework. Through the example of the adults who care for them at school, through well planned and stimulating learning opportunities, we believe that children will accept learning challenges and develop self discipline.

Good behaviour is an essential condition for effective teaching and learning to take place, therefore good behaviour must be carefully developed and supported. Teaching behaviour at Kelvin Grove is approached in just the same way as any other curriculum activity, taking into account the learning needs of all pupils.

We believe high self-esteem promotes good behaviour, effective learning and positive relationships so we emphasise potential, reward success and give praise for effort and achievement.

“It involves everybody’s behaviour to everybody.”

Good behaviour means that everyone in school is:
  • polite and friendly;
  • helpful and kind;
  • respectful and tolerant;
  • careful and considerate;
  • quiet and hard-working.

It is the responsibility of parents to co-operate and support the school in helping their children to behave well.

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