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At Kelvin Grove the children take part in many performances.  We film them and share them here for parents and carers so as not to disturb the children during their singing and acting.  Each time we upload a new performance we will send you a text with a password so that you can watch your children with other family members who may not have been able to make the show.  We are sure that you will agree, our children have some fabulous performing skills, 

African Drumming Concert July 2019
Talent Show July 2019
Gamelan Composition Collage

SIng Up 2019 - Kelvin Grove

Sing Up 2019 - All Schools 

Reception Spring Show - Spring 2019
SuperSonics Spring Term Concert 2019
Spring Term Talent Show 2019 - Fife Club, Piano Club and Violet Rock Band
African Drumming Concert - Lavender Class - Spring 2019
Copper Class - Rapper's Delight - 20th Century Song - Hip Hop and Rap
Sing Up Song - 'One Moment, One People' March 19

Cinnamon Class 2018-19, Tingalayo - Learning About Rhythm
Year 6 'Love me Do' by The Beatles

Christmas Shows:

Crimson, Cerise, Amber and Ochre

Magenta, Apricot and Cinnamon

Mint, Cobalt, Lavender & half of Copper

Orchid, Coral and Saffron

Jade, Turquoise and Indigo

Christmas Fair Ensemble, December 2018

Talent Show, December 2018
African Drumming , December 2018
Supersonics, December 2018
Summer Fair Ensemble 2018
Supersonics Concert, July 2018
African Drumming Concert, July 2018
Summer Concerts Collage 2018
Sing up day - Be the Change 2018
Mystery at Magpie Manor, Year 6 2018
Year 6 school play photos, July 2018
Supersonics Concert, May 2018
Talent Show, Spring 2018
African Drumming Concert, Spring  2018
We're Going on a Bear Hunt - Saffron Class
We're Going on a Bear Hunt - Ochre Class
We're Going on a Bear Hunt - Cinnamon Class
‘Twas The Night Before Christmas - Mint, Azure, Lavender and Brass
‘Twas The Night Before Christmas - Jade, Turquoise, Indigo and Bronze
‘Twas The Night Before Christmas - Emerald, Sage, Cobalt, Violet and Copper
How Rudolph Got His Red Nose - Nursery, Cerise, Apricot and Cinnamon
How Rudolph Got His Red Nose - Orchid, Coral and Ochre
How Rudolph Got His Red Nose - Magenta, Amber and Saffron
Supersonics Christmas Concert, December 2017
Christmas Fair Choir Concert, December 2017
African Drumming Concert, December 2017
Rainbow Play for Mrs Waine, May 2017
Supersonics Concert, May 2017
Spring Concert, March 2017
Djembe Drumming Concert, March 2017
Year 5 & 6 Christmas Performance, December 2016
Year 3 & 4 Christmas Performance, December 2016
Year 2 Christmas Performance, Dec 2016 (PM)
Year 1 Christmas Performance, December 2016
Supersonics Concert, December 2016
Nursery & Reception Christmas Play, Dec 2016 (PM)
Nursery & Reception Christmas Play, Dec 2016 (AM)
The Rocky Monster Show - Year 6, July 2016
African Drumming Concert March 2016
Supersoncis Concert March 2016
Years 2&3 Christmas Carol Concert, Dec 15
YR5 Djembe Drumming, Dec 15
Whoops-a-Daisy-Angel, Nursery & Reception, Dec 15
Whoops-a-Daisy-Angel, Coral & Apricot, Dec 15
Supersonics, December 2015
Whoops-a-Daisy-Angel, Vermilion & Amber, Dec 15
'A Bit of Elvis' November 2015
'Babushka' November 2015

A Snapshot of 'The Scoop' September 2015
Supersonics Concert July 2015

The Pirates of the Curry Bean (1st performance) July 15
Kelvin Grove & Rathfern Djembe Drumming June 15
Supersonics Concert, March 2015
Three Little Rock & Roll Pigs, March 2015
Year 6 Djembe Drumming, March 2015
Ukulele Workshop, March 2015
Ochre Poem Reading for World Book Day, March 2015
Reception Nativity Play, PM, Dec 2014
Reception Nativity Play, AM, Dec 2014
Year 2 Christmas Performance, Dec 2014
Year 1 Nativity Play, Dec 2014
Blue Class Poem Reading 2014
Year 6 - Galactic Express, 2014
Year 3 - Jade Class Sharing Assembly, 2014
KG's Got Talent, 2014

For performance videos prior to July 2014, please log on to

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