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Physical Education

At Kelvin Grove we believe that physical education has a vital and unique role to play in a child’s development. As part of the PE curriculum, our children experience a wide range of individual, partner and team activities that help to build a positive attitude and help children to understand the role that regular physical activity can play in a balanced lifestyle. The range of physical activi- ties we provide includes: athletics, games, gymnastics and swimming. All activities are designed to be enjoyable, vigorous, purposeful and regular, to give children the maximum benefit. Children go swimming for one term each in year 4, year 5 and year 6. Each term, children at Kelvin grove participate in both indoor and outdoor PE sessions.

Personal, Social Health Education and Citizenship

Our programme of PSHE&C aims to encourage children to behave in ways which will promote good physical and mental health in themselves as individuals and collec- tively within the community. Issues which are addressed include:

  • health and hygiene – the importance of exercise and eating healthily, sun awareness, personal hygiene, personal safety, safety in the home and on the roads, families and ‘stranger danger’;
  • citizenship – behaviour and responsibility within school and the wider community, respect for other people and property, money management, waste, recycling and ‘green’ issues and positive contribu- tions to school life;
  • sex and relationships – similarities and differences, roles and responsibilities within relationships, feelings, the body, growing up and sex education;
  • drug education – using medicines safely, peer pressure, legal and illegal drugs, drugs and alcohol misuse, support systems and agencies and making decisions.

All topics are carefully and sensitively matched to the age and understanding of the pupils and parents are invited to preview some of the resources when appropriate.

relationships and Sex Education

Relationships and sex education is delivered through different aspects of the curriculum with specific reference to Science and the PSHE and citizenship schemes of work.

Kelvin Grove is committed to working with parents. We understand that the home is normally the best place for educating children about human reproduction as parents are often best placed to answer questions naturally as they arise and when parents prefer this approach the school works in partnership with them. All parents are invited to preview the sex education teaching resources before it is taught in the summer term. Parents with any concerns are always welcome to discuss them with the child’s class teacher or PSHE Co-ordinator.

Below you can view the letters that outline the curriculum overview for each year group:


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