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RE and Inclusion

The school teaches about the world’s major religions: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism. We want children to learn respect for other religions and to develop understanding, reflecting our own multi-cultural community.

RE is taught within classes and assemblies. Parents do have the right of withdrawal from RE. You should contact the Headteacher to find out more.


Assemblies are held regularly for different year groups and, in accordance with guidance, may constitute an act of collective worship that is ‘mainly Christian’ in nature. Children are encouraged to contribute to assemblies by presenting their projects in class assemblies. We like to invite parents to these events. We celebrate good work and achievement in our Friday ‘high flyer’ assemblies.

We would like all children to participate fully in all school activities but you do have the right as a parent to withdraw your child from Religious Education and collective worship. You should make us aware of this by contacting your class teacher.

Assembly Schedule 2017-18

Special Needs and Inclusion

All children are special but some children have additional needs and require more support to gain full advantage of the educational opportunities offered within their class. Initially, class-teachers consult with you as parents, the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator and Senior Management Team to provide appropriate support through the school’s own resources including differenti- ated planning, personalised learning or a range of support from outside agencies to help us decide how we can best support your child, usually within the school environment. These may include the school nurse or services made available to us through Lewisham authority at Kaleidoscope including the Educational Psychologist, specialist teachers or behavioural and emotional support teams.

If we are still not adequately meeting your child’s needs, we will request a full assessment under Section 76 of the 1981 Education Act. This may result in a statement of your child’s special educational needs and funding to support additional supportive resources. Your permis- sion and consultation will be sought at every stage of this process.

If your child is especially able, we aim to extend their learning with challenges and stimulating tasks through our gifted and talented programme.

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