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At Kelvin Grove, we feel that educational visits are an essential element of good primary practice. Well planned and executed educational visits provide our pupils with valuable experiences which enhance their learning at school. Providing a variety of ‘real life’ opportunities for our children enables the achievement of fuller understanding of the world around them through direct experiences. Each educational visit is planned meticulously in accordance with school policy and takes into account the suitability of the activity for the number and age of the children, the responsibilities of staff and pupils and health and safety implications. Most teachers plan at least one visit each term. Parents and carers contribute to the funding of educational visits although no pupil is excluded from attending for non- payment. Some trips require no funding, are on foot and feature interests in the local area.

Some visits venture further by bus, coach or train and, as a consequence, require part or full funding. These include Leeds Castle, London Zoo and theatre visits. Teachers keep the cost of trips to £10 for each pupil although if a coach is used the cost of a trip can escalate. Staff prepare parents in good time so that payment by instalments is a viable solution and ensure that subsequent trips are less than the maximum total as a compensation.

Year 4 pupils are invited on a short residential trip to Wide Horizons in Kent. This is a two night stay, with outdoor activities during the day. There is one long residential educational visit each year to Nethercott Farm in Devon for a party of 40 year 5 and 6 pupils accompanied by 4 members of staff. Pupils experience life on a working farm and learn about the relationship between man and nature, working as a member of a team and, most of all, about themselves often on their first trip away from home.

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