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At Kelvin Grove, we understand the importance of enabling children to view science as a skill for life. Because science links direct practical experience with ideas, it can engage learners at many levels. Children at Kelvin Grove are provided with opportunities where they learn to question and discuss science-based issues that may affect their own lives, the direction of society and the future of the world.

Environmental Science

We take environmental science very seriously at Kelvin Grove and understand the importance of working with our local community and immediate environment to enhance the children’s lives. We have taken part in initia- tives such as the London Schools’ Environmental Awards and Lewisham’s Clean and Green Campaign and have been very successful in these, winning a number of prestigious awards.

At Kelvin Grove, we have scientific and environmentally orientated events such as science week, recycling week, growing events and gardening club to support and extend the children’s classroom experiences, and to allow parents and carers to take an active role in their children’s education. We also ensure that events such as health week and design & technology activities are closely linked to what the children have learnt about in their classroom based lessons.

International Primary Curriculum

The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is a comprehensive, thematic, creative curriculum which is used to teach geography, history, art, science and some components of ICT to 21st century learners. The IPC has a clear process of learning with specific learning goals for every subject, for international mindedness and for personal learning. The curriculum focuses on; knowledge - what children will know; skills - what children will be able to do and understanding - what children will understand.

The IPC has been designed to ensure rigorous learning but also to help teachers make all learning exciting, active and meaningful for children. The IPC takes a global approach; helping children to connect their learning to where they are living now as well as looking at the learning from the perspective of other people in other countries.

It nurtures a love of learning and encourages the necessary key skills and personal qualities.

Design and Technology

Children are taught to develop their design and technology capabilities through designing, making and evaluating a variety of products, using a range of materials.

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