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The Rainbow ASD Resource Base

The children in The Rainbow Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Resource Base come to us via Lewisham’s SEN Group and must have a statement of educational need or an education and health care plan.  There are two classes; our Green Class which has younger children and Blue Class which caters for children in key stage 2. The children are attached to a mainstream class and join them for many activities depending on their needs. Some of our children attend Rising Stars or Gold Stars which are the school's SEN hub classes. These classes are for children in the Mainstream and Resource Base who benefit from a small class, but require less intensive support than those in Green and Blue. We follow the EYFS and national curriculum which is broken down into small steps using a personalised approach, tailored to meet children’s individual needs. The base is a low arousal setting specially designed to create a harmonious environment for children on the autistic spectrum. The children have purpose built workstations to encourage the TEACCH approach and where they can work on individual tasks.

Group work plays a vitally important part in our work. Children have opportunities to develop their attention skills. These are based on Gina Davies Attention Autism programme.  There is a strong emphasis on personal development thorough practical activities such as cooking and gardening. The children learn to take turns in practical situations which helps to promote their social skills as well as their speaking and listening skills. They enjoy snack time as part of their daily routine. 

We use photos and symbols to support the children’s language development. Class timetables are used and many of the children have personal schedules to make their daily routine predictable and reduce anxiety. We are supported by a Speech and Language Therapist who works with the class team. The children have access to an interactive room, chill out room, outdoor learning environment and quiet working spaces. There is a high level of experienced staff who have a positive approach to behaviour management. Staff develop excellent relationships with the children and their parents.

Placement in The Rainbow is reviewed annually. 

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